Organic synthetic chemistry services, providing research, development, synthesis and supply of high purity carnitine and non-carnitine standards for diagnosis of inborn metabolic disorders. | Metabolomic Standards.

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We're excited to be planning Queensland's first flow-chemistry laboratory at our facilities at Research Directions.


We’re looking back at 27 years of dedicated experience as a synthetic organic chemistry company, delivering services in research, development, synthesis and supply of fine chemical compounds for applications including diagnostic purposes.

METABOLOMIC STANDARDS is currently setting up Queensland’s first flow-chemistry laboratory to further accommodate our clients’ current and future projects.

METABOLOMIC STANDARDS is a global supplier of high-purity carnitine- and non-carnitine standards for analytic and diagnostic applications in life science.

At METABOLOMIC STANDARDS, we’ve supplied products and services to clients in Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia. Our network of scientist extends from Australia to Germany, France and India.

We deliver diagnostic compounds on a range of scales, servicing clients from hospitals, regulatory government bodies, like the CDC in Atlanta to globally operating chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

We pride ourselves in providing diagnostic standards at high purities. Almost all of our products have a purity of >95% and some are as high as >98%

Next to optimizing methods of synthesis for  our standards with regards to quality, much of our effort goes into implementing an economically viable manufacturing process taking appropriate quantities into account.


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