As an increasing number of metabolites is being identified as biomarkers for disease, we’re experiencing a growing demand not only for already established standards but towards a progressive extension of our catalogue.

The scope of future applications of Metabolomics for diagnostic purposes by far exceeds the currently available supply of carnitine and non-carnitine standards.

We’re further expanding our catalogue of standards to other biological applications such as waste management, food analysis and monitoring of soil and water bodies.

In this way
METABOLOMIC STANDARDS has emerged as a sister entity to Research Directions accommodating the growing activity in the area of Metabolomics, i.e. development of carnitine and non-carnitine standards for diagnostic and monitoring purposes.

METABOLOMIC STANDARDS now facilitates our dedicated portfolio as synthetic organic chemists in the area of Metabolomics.

Employing  standards for diagnostic purposes is highly accurate and efficient.

On our part, yielding high purity in standard compounds is imperative to fully seize the potential of metabolomics for diagnostic applications. We expend great effort in achieving adequate qualities of our compounds. Many of our products have a purity of >95%, some as high as >98%.

Economic considerations are an essential part of our research and development process. At 
METABOLOMIC STANDARDS we pride ourselves in providing competitive solutions. Our involvement in the process of synthetic organic chemistry ranges from full production in our facilities to scaling up our method of synthesis for large scale manufacture.

Metabolomic Standards | Brisbane Australia.

Dr. Smith’s long standing experience as a synthetic organic chemist, combined with this early real-life exposure to the work of clinical scientists in the area of metabolomics established the blueprint for what is now METABOLOMIC STANDARDS’ activity as a global supplier of carnitine and non-carnitine standards for diagnostic purposes.

Ultimately, being introduced to the multi-disciplinary approach of The Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism through Dr. Kevin Carpenter, the former president of the organisation, provided the philosophical foundation that we at
METABOLOMIC STANDARDS build our activities on to this day.

Today we’re looking back at 27 years of experience in research, development, synthesis and supply of fine chemicals, including diagnostic compounds in the area of metabolic and other diseases.



METABOLOMIC STANDARDS & Research Directions proudly hosts an intern from Australia and an intern from France every year.

We always enjoy having our interns, who perform valuable work for us and contribute positively to our corporate culture.

             Ronny, intern

My work was accomplished under the supervision of a highly competent and experienced group of chemists that taught me two things:

“Expertise makes highly pure compounds." and


“Team work is one of the most valuable tools in the chemistry industry”.


While METABOLOMIC STANDARDS is our dedicated platform regarding services in synthetic organic chemistry in the area of Metabolomics, our laboratory at RESEARCH DIRECTIONS is clearly where the magic happens.

RESEARCH DIRECTIONS PTY. LTD. has been providing active pharmaceutical ingredients, pheromones and metabolomic standards to clients across the world since 2001.

For example, RESEARCH DIRECTIONS has developed a pheromone lure to trap rusty grain beetle. This basically non-invasive means of pest control is now being featured by the Australian Government's Grains Research and Development Corporation. More here.

Our small team of specialist chemists - three of whom hold a PhD in organic chemistry - enables us to move quickly towards the desired outcome.  Short communication pathways and a vivid editorial exchange facilitate a high level of quality control and the optimal creative outcome.  

Apart from synthesizing high-purity standard compounds in our laboratory at Research Directions, we’re experienced in successfully adapting processes to different scales and third party manufacturing.

Currently we’re developing Queensland’s first flow-chemistry laboratory, keeping up with increasing demand and setting us up for future production scales.

‘It was through Newborn Screening, that I had first encountered the area of metabolomics.’


says Dr. Stephanie Smith, company director and founder of Metabolomic Standards.


‘This highly sophisticated process literally saves lives, providing for early detection and therefore treatment of potentially fatal metabolic conditions in infants.’